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Saturday, May 14, 2011

AjMinís Waste to Energy technology specially waste plastic to energy is unique in the production of alternative hydrocarbon liquid fuel.


Plastic is one of the least recycled waste products in the world. It is abundant and its disposal creates large problems for the environment. 20% of the waste is plastic and a few percentage† of it is currently recycled, rest†† landfilled. Waste plastic does not break down in landfills, it is not easily recycled and degrades in quality during the recycling process, and can generate waste ash, heavy metals, and potentially harmful gas emissions if incinerated at high temperatures.


Our developed technology a thermo-chemical process of liquefaction and distillation can dramatically convert nearly all types of plastics into excellent hydrocarbon fuels. These cost effective, economically feasible and environmentally sensitive process and sulpher free products such as gasoline, diesel, aviation / jet fuel have unlimited applications in transportation and power (electricity) industries.

1500 water bottles end up as garbage every seconds which is about 86 % of the total 28,000,000,000† water bottle use per year.